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How is Florida BioSciences, LLC organized?  Please refer to the organizational chart below.

Management Team - All of the Funds within the venture capital organization (collectively called the Venture Funds), the companies in the Fund portfolios, and the retention of experts in business and in biotechnology, shall be overseen by a Management Team composed of three managing members:  the CEO of FBS, a second member, and an Executive Advisor.

Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) - The Management Team is advised about the scientific nature, trends, scientific feasibility, and commercialization potential of exciting new avenues by a panel of renowned scientists and research directors representing both academics and industry.

Business Advisory Board (BAB) - The Management Team is advised about trends and opportunities within the biotechnology sector, and evaluate the potential success or pitfalls of start-up companies by a group of highly-experienced business leaders and pioneers.

Portfolio Fund or Company Investors - Individuals, groups, or other financial companies who wish to invest in the fund and its portfolio companies may do so at several levels and by many mechanisms (red lines)  They may invest in the fund as a whole, within select Venture Funds that focus on a group of related companies, or in specific portfolio companies.  The investment may take the form of an equity receipt, a bond, a loan, or cash in exchange for future equity warrants or fractional ownership.

Non-Portfolio Companies - Individuals, groups, or other financial companies who wish to invest in companies or their technology outside of the Venture Capital group (e.g., to negotiate the purchase of a Portfolio Company or part of its assets, assist with capital raising, hiring or management), or biotechnological companies who wish to raise capital outside of the Venture Funds, may work with the Management Team to achieve their goals.

Venture Funds - These funds invest in a group of biotechnological companies grouped together either by company size / market capitalization value (indirectly related to the investment risk level) or by a specialized part of the biotechnology industry (e.g., real estate, anti-aging, regenerative, cancer, autoimmune, bio-materials, bio-energy).

Portfolio Companies - These companies apply to the Venture Capital group for funding (and access to business and technical experts, if needed), and due diligence is performed on each applying company by the Management Team, the Advisory Boards, and by retained experts or consultants in business growth or biotechnology.  Conventional biotechnological companies (pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, process) generally enter into the size-focused Funds, while those whose focus is in an commercially-favored area of biotechnology, can enter into a Specialty Fund.  Portfolio companies within a size-focused Fund are generally expected to remain within a size-based Fund for only a few years, as they are expected to grow, and require support of a different type and from investors with a different risk tolerance; these companies migrate from one size-based fund to the next (shown with the green arrows).  Companies may remain in the Specialty Fund or the Series A Fund until they are bought by a larger company, are dissolved, or become financially independent.