• Organized funding to support the birth and early growth of biotechnological companies in southern Florida is practically non-existant.
  • More independently-run biotech companies stay in the area in which they were born and grow their home economy instead of relocating to a new area.
  • Just as large pharmaceutical companies need a pipeline of promising drug candidates to make big money on the fraction that cross the finish line, so too does the community need to harbor a diverse array of young start-up companies to reap the benefits of harboring successful biotech companies that will nucleate a permanent biotechnology hub in southeastern Florida.
  • The strongest ROI's come from growing early-stage companies whose businesses become profitable.

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Why Use a Venture Fund?

Our Mission

The Vision of Florida BioSciences, LLC is to invest in transformative, disruptive, and innovative  companies that shift paradigms, reduce medical costs, improve the quality of life and the standard of care, generate significant returns for our investors, and create a permanent hub for biotechnology in Palm Beach county, Florida.

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The Mission of Florida BioSciences, LLC is to create, raise, and manage venture capital funds that invest primarily in early stage biotechnology, medical device, nutraceutical, and pharmaceutical companies.

Our Vision

  • The best access to investing in companies that will achieve success is to invest with a group that specializes in attracting, vetting, funding, and assisting the growth of newly-emerging companies.
  • The risk of investing in a single start-up company can be mitigated by diversifying an investment into many similar or diverse companies.
  • Due diligence of portfolio companies are done by a diverse panel of professionals coming from a wide array of careers.
  • Many of the reasons why start-up companies fail are due to lack of expertise. These pitfalls can be solved by giving entrepreneurs within a portfolio easy access to business development experts and consultants, vetted by the fund managers.  This will increase the success rate of the companies and lower the overall risk to the fund and its investors.