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FBS has tentatively selected an international bioscience strategy and transaction consultant team with principals resident in Florida.  The consultants will assist in developing clinical trials, pre-commercial production procedures, strategic relationships for the portfolio companies, creating potential exit strategies via sale or licensing to "big pharma", going public and other financing mechanisms that achieve liquidity. With management cooperation, the consultant team can ensure milestones are being met while working with the portfolio company on how best to manage and assist the company in its commercial and scientific development.

FBS will make available, upon the request of a portfolio company, professional help and advice from its bioscience consulting team and the Business Advisory Board (BAB) on business and development issues and the
Science Advisory Board (SAB) on science related matters. SAB members, BAB members, and the consultants will receive compensation according to the amount of time and services performed; compensation will be paid by FBS.

The degree or level of assistance FBS provides to each portfolio company will vary for each of the Fund participants, but could include most of the following services:

 ·    Cost containment
·     FDA and regulatory counseling
·     NIH and other grant funding
·     Strategic development
·     Intra-disciplinary research relationships
·     Science-technology consulting
·     Market research study services
·     Financial assistance and bookkeeping
·     Web site design and development
·     Legal and patent services and counseling
·     Marketing strategy
·     General consulting


We occasionally require the use of specifically talented individuals to assist in the evaluation of potential portfolio companies or lend expertise to our Portfolio Companies.  IF YOU HAVE BEEN REQUESTED TO ASSIST OUR FIRM, you should have already received by e-mail the consultation form to be filled out; please e-mail the filled-out and manually-signed or digitally-signed form to Tom Ross.  Please contact Tom Ross if you wish to offer your services, or have not yet received the form.  We do NOT accept NOR DO WE CONSIDER unsolicited applications without prior contact!