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Thomas H. Ross - Managing Member, CEO

Mr. Ross is a graduate of Purdue University in Aeronautical Engineering, with an MSc Industrial Management from Purdue. He has a background in international corporate management and business development, with investment clients in Europe, the Middle East and the USA. Mr. Ross is also President of the Palm Beach Business Group, Inc., a non-profit business organization intent on further development of the international capital markets and bioscience markets in Northern Palm Beach County, and throughout Florida. He was selected several times as a Florida Businessman of the Year by the Republican Congressional Committee's Business Advisory Council.


Executive Advisor - To Be Determined


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Christopher D. Krause, PhD – Dr. Krause is a professor of biological sciences at Indian River State College.  His research expertise includes structural and molecular immunolog.  He Is also the Chief Scientific Officer and on the Board of Directors for BioMune, Inc. and is on the Scientific Advisory Board for MJ Biotech, Inc.

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